• New Deleted My Little Pony: A New Generation Scene Revealed - The End is Neigh!

    We've got another deleted scene showing off sunny defending her dad and his "weirdness" compared to other ponies. This one is a little different than the last one we posted, since it might have actually fit with the current story of the movie. Have a quote from Joscha van Deijk on Linkedin:

    Ponies Befriend! Another deleted scene I storyboarded for My Little Pony: A New Generation.

    Quote: This scene shows a young Sunny and her dad trying to convince the earth ponies to reconnect with the unicorns and pegasi. It was a lot of fun to draw Sunny, Hitch and Sprout as kids. As you can probably tell this scene was leading up to a song that is no longer in the movie.

    And go watch it below!