• More Images From My Little Pony G5: Tell Your Tale and Make Your Mark - Ana Sani to Voice Izzy

    My Little Pony G5: Tell Your Tale

    It is so nice to finally have stuff to post again! We've got two new images from both the G5 Tell Your Tale series and Make Your Mark showing off more of the art style we can expect for the 2D series and more evidence that the quality bar isn't dropping much at all for the 3D side of things.

    And joining that, Ana Sani, the voice behind a ton of different shows including Sugar Snap on Pony Life has confirmed via Twitter that she will be voicing Izzy Moonbow in these projects. Many speculated for a while that the original voice cast would be replaced just due to how expensive they would have been to keep on, so it will be interesting to see what kind of talent get for the new stuff! 


    Get the promo image for the 3D Make Your Marks below! 

    My Little Pony G5: Make Your Mark