• Discussion: Which Art Style Would You Have Chosen for My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale?

    Artist: @Magnaluna11

    There has been a lot of joking and discussion going on about the new style we are seeing out of G5's Youtube animated series.  Friendship is Magic is its predecessor and its iconic cute anime-eyed ponies with aesthetically pleasing proportions have raised expectations astronomically high. What we got does not appear to be living up to it.

    Trend-wise, it does seem to follow the same style as a lot of 2010's cartoons, with the bean mouths and wacky proportions. Some call it the Cal-Arts style. It has definitely flooded animation over the past decade.

    Lets go back in time and summon up that old Hasbro exec again that we sometimes borrow for discussion posts. He's here, and he's giving you a blank check to pick any artistic style in the fandom for their new 2D G5 series. Which artist are you going to pick? Who's style would be an upgrade over the perfection that was Friendship is Magic? Discuss below! Maybe someone will read it and get the hint for some future G5 side series after these are done airing?