• Corgi Events May have Collapsed, but Ponyville Ciderfest and Whinny City Pony Con Are Saved!

    Covid has already been hard for the convention scene with it's mass cancellations in 2020, but two pony cons in particular have been hit with a load of drama thanks to what is essentially a full collapse of their parent organization. If you haven't ever delved into it, both Whinny City Pony Con and Ciderfest were owned by a furry convention company called Corgi Events LLC. They cover both of them, along with a host furry cons in the area. The last few days have been fraught with drama surrounding Corgi, largely based around it's founder. 


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    We will let the legal system handle that side as all we really have to go off of at the moment are rumors, but this left both pony cons in a tough place, particularly a much beloved head going by the name of Tech Charlie. Someone who many attribute to the overall success of Ciderfest and WhinnyCity over the years. If you want an example of what a cool dude he is, we've got a quote from one of the staffers who helped work the art side of Ciderfest last year -

    @Confetti_Cakez: "I've been on their art staff for the past two years and had a great experience working with Charlie- he gets directly involved with every team, does everything he can to make sure that workloads and deadlines are fair, and when I went to Ciderfest in 2021 he actively went around the event making sure he took time out to have a personal moment with every single staff member to shake their hands and thank them for their time putting on the convention

    You can tell he genuinely loves and is passionate about what he does, and it would have been a massive loss for the fandom to have him out of chair position in those two cons"

    After finding out about the drama going on at the top, Charlie decided to step down. His tweet about it was flooded with supporters wishing him the absolute best.

    We have good news though! Corgi announced on Twitter yesterday that they are essentially closing up shop and reforming under new leadership and a new name, and instead of the pony cons going in that direction, they were instead bought up by none other than Charlie's wife, Michelle! And her first order of business? Pop Charlie back into his rightful place as chair of both of them!

    They are still working on coordinating the transition, but they've released a statement letting everyone know that tickets bought for these events will be 100% honored and both patreon and sponsor rewards will be met with equal value perks, to be announced as they are finalized. 

    It's looking like these two pony cons are safe and under the best possible management according to staffers working there. We will keep you all updated on their regular news as they release it. For now, it's just fun to see the fandom come together to protect stuff we all love taking part in!