• Brian Doe-Chua (Timber Spruce From EG) Joins His Friends From Work at BABSCon 2022!

    Equestria Girls fans have someone to look forward to meeting at the upcoming BABSCon in April! If you liked Timber Spruce, his voice actor will be attending the event to sign your everything!

    For more information, hit the epress release below.


    For the other gift in our matched set of gorgeous Valentine’s Day presents to you, our fans, we’re taking a leaf from The Legend of Everfree. He’s the voice of Timber Spruce: Brian Doe-Chua.

    In addition to playing the arborous camp counselor from Equestria Girls, Brian has also voiced Osamu Mikumo on World Trigger, Gabe Brunai & Katana Sakaki on Beyblade Burst, and more.

    He’s also started getting some juicy on-camera roles with guest appearances on CW’s Supergirl and Fox’s Wayward Pines, among others.

    Brian joins Guests of Honor Nicole Oliver, Daniel Ingram, Vincent Tong, Peter New, Devyn Dalton, Andy Price, Jeremy Whitley, and Dana Simpson, with more yet to come.

    So register now and book your hotel room for April 15–17, when we’re going BEYOND!

    PS: We can always use more volunteers. Get fed all weekend, get free swag, have lots of fun. You know you wanna…

    (Art by LostInTheTrees)

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