• 36 Of the Best Fanfics to Read for Rainbow Dash Day!

    Rainbow Dash day means Rainbow Dash fanfics, and she has had a boatload of them over the years! We've got 36 new ones for you to dive into, completely different from last year's selection. You can find those over here if you want more.

    Now go read Rainbow Dash things below! And thanks to Whisper Key for digging them up.


    Slice of Life




    Scientific Progress Goes Crash by Drax


    Experiment 247: Day 1

    Subject of study: Why does Rainbow Dash keep crashing into my library?

    Hypothesis A: She thinks it’s fun. Disproved because Rainbow prefers staying in the air and hates helping me clean up.

    Hypothesis B: She’s clumsy Rainbow is extremely graceful in the air

    Hypothesis C: None . . . Further study needed.


    You Really Bug Me by BronyDad


    In an attempt to make the butterfly migration more fun for Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy challenges her to a game of catching butterflies. But when one particularly ornery butterfly decides to tease Dash, things get personal.


    First Seconds by Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch


    Rainbow Dash is the fastest Wonderbolt, no, fastest creature alive. Everypony knows this. So when the unthinkable happens, Rainbow goes home to Ponyville with a lot on her shoulders. She has a future to decide, and a lot of things pulling her every which way.


    "Loyalty" Begins With an L by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Something is eating at Rainbow Dash. Ever since the Royal Wedding in Canterlot, she's been quiet, aloof, and distracted. After a long day's work of shaping the rainclouds over Ponyville, she can no longer keep the truth bottled in. The only problem is, as a picnic with her close friends looms over the horizon, she's at a loss to find a pony she can comfortably share her thoughts with.


    Not So Secret by Rahheemme


    Rainbow Dash is pregnant, but hasn't told any of her friends. As the months progress and it becomes more obvious, she can't keep it a secret forever...can she?


    Ponies Being Slowly Eviscerated to Death in a Big Rusty Meat Grinder by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Rainbow Dash writes her first novella. It's a very serious book about serious topics. She asks her friends to proofread. This should go well.


    Tough Little Pony by Isseus


    Rainbow Dash told Scootaloo that it doesn't matter if she can fly or not. Then Discord made her put her wings where her mouth is and now she has to live without them for a day. But wings or no, she's still Rainbow Dash, the most awesome pony in Equestria, right?










    I'm Not Small, I'm Aerodynamic! by PonyThunder


    After breaking her wing and being grounded for a couple days, Rainbow Dash gradually finds she's a lot smaller than she realized.


    Rainbow Dash Wants to Spank the Monkey by Sporktacles


    Sunset Shimmer visits Equestria and spends some time taking care of animals with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

    Rainbow Dash is apparently not good with certain animals.

    Sunset discovers very quickly that what you learn from the human world cannot be unlearned, ever.


    "Anything for you, Pinkie." by PaulAsaran


    Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash have been dating for some time now. It's been nothing but awesome, and thus Rainbow's decided she wants to pop the question. There's just one tiny thing getting in the way: Pinkie once told her she had to meet a very specific condition if she ever wanted to get married. If Rainbow really wants to tie the knot, she'll have to resort to drastic measures.


    Live Without Regrets by applezombi


    Rainbow Dash is used to doing dangerous things. Deadly stunts? That's just a normal workday. But illness is something worse. Something scarier. Something she can't control.

    So even though the diagnosis turns out benign, her brush with mortality has still left Rainbow feeling...


    Time to take a look at her bucket list. But when a mare has already mastered the skies, what more is their to reach for?

    The sun itself?


    So That's What Happened by SoloBrony


    Rainbow Dash realizes she may have made a huge oversight in regards to loyalty to her friends. She responds with all the tact and subtlety of a rampaging Ursa.


    The Big Talk by Jake The Army Guy


    Rainbow Dash and Applejack have finally admitted to themselves and each other what they always sort of knew, and are now a happy couple. The only step left is telling the rest of the Apple clan after a nice Hearth's Warming Dinner. However, newlyweds Big Macintosh and Sugar Belle have a big announcement of their own to make.

    Which they do.

    Kind of...









    A Cold Wind Blows by applejackofalltrades


    During the snowy days leading up to Hearth’s Warming, Rainbow Dash receives pressing news that she must deliver. She wonders if she can be enough through the hard times.


    Collapse by AuroraDawn


    Rainbow Dash's house has fallen.


    half empty. by applejackofalltrades


    Struggling with alcoholism, Rainbow Dash finds herself watching over Ponyville on the anniversary of the worst day of her life. Sometimes, nopony can help.


    Iridescence by The Red Parade


    Rainbow Dash has the best day ever, and Twilight's really happy for her.









    It Takes a Village by Baal Bunny


    Dash wants to help Rarity live out her romantic fantasy. But since Dash hasn't got a romantic bone in her body, she figures she'd better call in some experts...


    Love Can Be Enough by Damaged


    Rainbow Dash comes home for the start of her mid-semester break from college to find herself sitting in her living room talking to her girlfriend. Things get weirder from there.


    Don't Laugh At Me! by Starlitomega


    "It's no secret that Applejack and I are really cool friends, but nopony really knows how I feel about her. Her awesome blonde hair, those powerful legs that won't quit, that amazing smile, all wrapped up underneath her trademark cowpony hat.

    Urgh! I've had it! I've just gotta tell her how she makes me feel!

    I just hope she takes me seriously for once..."


    On Different Pages by Ellis Bell


    Applejack is stuck in bed with an injury, and Rainbow Dash has just the thing to help her girlfriend through it: The complete collection of Daring Do books. But this generous act forces Applejack to reveal her dark secret.


    Mare Do Well vs Professor Nightshade by ssjgokillo


    Perhaps Rainbow Dash had read a few too many comic books? Seen one too many hero movies. Either way, this was not going to end well for anypony.

    Rainbow Dash has decided since each of her friends (aside from Rarity) have gotten a chance, she wants to give being The Mysterious Mare Do Well a try. The only problem? Ponyville is too peaceful. It seems all the craziness that had happened the past week has passed, and there really isn't any need for a costumed crime fighter now.

    Twilight, seeing Rainbow Dash's annoyance at not being able to be a hero, takes it upon herself to help her friend experience a super hero adventure. By creating the powerful, the terrifying, the surprisingly sarcastic, Professor Nightshade.

    Yeah, this is totally going to end well.


    Dreams and Bonds by bats


    Twilight has settled into her new castle, which now feels like a home thanks to her friends. The only problem is she's still not sleeping and still finding excuses to keep herself busy. The last few weeks had been particularly stressful. She thought that once everything calmed down her life would get back to normal, but something that happened affected her more deeply than she thought.

    Rainbow Dash can tell something is wrong. She wants to know if she can help.


    Gift of the Pegasi by Flashgen


    It's the first Hearth's Warming since Twilight and Rainbow Dash started dating. Twilight said anything that Rainbow Dash would get for her would be perfect, so there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Nothing to worry about when she puts it off until it's practically Hearth's Warming. Nothing to worry about when she can't decide on a gift. Nothing to worry about when she has to get a gift as awesome as she is.

    Nothing to worry about at all...


    If My Heart Was A Compass by Astrarian


    It might be the fanciest bed she's ever needed to sleep on, but the thing is, Rainbow Dash can't get to sleep.

    Spitfire has some thoughts on why that is, since she can't sleep either. And so, Rainbow Dash takes the plunge into some decisions about where to rest her head.


    Unplanned by Winston


    Rarity and Rainbow Dash spend a wonderful night together—the kind of night filled with pure magic.

    But how long does magic last, and can its fleeting spark be caught and held?









    One Wish by Scribblestick


    Time waits for no pony, and Rainbow Dash has accepted that with age come limitations. But experience also brings new opportunities, and as head trainer for the Wonderbolts, she’s found new passion in passing her skills on to the next generation of ace fliers.

    Then, Fluttershy comes with a request. A sick filly wants to see Dash pull off her signature trick one last time. The odds are stacked against her, but Dash will do whatever it takes. She isn’t about to let anypony down.


    Early Sunsets Over Equestria by The Red Parade


    Rainbow Dash was not a pony built for emotional talks, long train rides, and deep conversations. She often considered herself to be the exact opposite of those things.

    While in the company of three very different ponies, Rainbow begins to wonder what she's meant to do when the situation calls for anyone but her.


    General Amnesty by Cynewulf


    The great evils of the world have clashed with the champions of all that was good and in true dialectical fashion, exhausted each other. The world Rainbow Dash and her wife Applejack live in now is the World After, one full of uncertainties and difficult questions.

    Rainbow Dash doesn't care about any of that. She has a mission, and she intends to finish it, come hell or high water...

    Or her spouse.









    Rainbow Dash's Awesome Nightmare Night Haunted House Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Adventure by TheDriderPony


    It's Nightmare Night in Ponyville (and presumably everywhere else as well) and Starlight and Trixie have teamed up to host a haunted house attraction. Spooks and frights and guaranteed in this one-of-a-kind experience orchestrated by two mares who, between them, barely make up a single functioning member of society.

    What could go wrong in this pandormare's box of horror designed by a former villainous megalomaniac with boundary issues and a compatriot whose worldview is heavily tinted by a lens of narcissism?

    Take on the role of Rainbow Dash, fearless seeker of frights, in this branching CYOA experience. Explore different paths to victory, collect items, solve puzzles, and try to find all the hidden endings!


    PONY Legacy by RBDash47


    Ten years after Celestia disappeared with no warning nor trace, Twilight Sparkle receives a message from the lost princess calling for help. When Twilight and Rainbow speed to Canterlot, Dash is accidentally transported to a strange world – but in her race to escape the System, she faces an enemy she never expected.


    30,000 Feet by The Grey Pegasus


    It's a long way down.


    Biomom by MythrilMoth


    Rainbow Dash grew up not knowing who her mother is.

    One Mother's Day, Twilight Sparkle becomes determined to find out who Rainbow's mother is and drag her back to Ponyville to reunite with her daughter.

    There's just one little hitch:

    Rainbow Dash's mother is Daring Do. And she's inconveniently off "researching" her next book.

    Now, Rainbow Dash has to go on a journey. A journey of self-discovery. A journey of a thousand unanswered questions.

    A journey to find...her biomom.

    Oh, and there's an ancient alicorn tomb and a closely guarded secret that'll change the history of Equestria forever, but that's just another day in the life of Daring Do.


    Above All Else by 8686


    Inspired by her favourite books, and keen to settle once and for all who's the fastest, bravest, overall best pony around here, Rainbow Dash challenges Applejack to a race full of perils and pitfalls. To the winner, the title of Most Awesome Pony. To the loser, defeat, shame and ignominity. But when the dangers start getting a little too real, they have to decide what's more important. Victory, or friendship.


    Innavedr by Imploding Colon


    A broken party of friends struggles to reunite.

    Rainbow Dash continues to fly east.


    Surviving Sand Island by The 24th Pegasus


    An airship wreck leaves Rainbow Dash and Rarity stranded on a deserted island. Together, they must find a way to survive until help comes.

    If it comes.