• Two More Izzy Bullies Revealed

    Apparently those three unicorns revealed a few days ago weren't the only ponies bullying poor Izzy in alternate-universe futurequestria. Celia Kaspar has revealed two more, with a neat little story over on her instagram:

    One of the perks of being a character designer is that you can sometimes "smuggle" your friends and family into the characters you're working on. Mostly it happens unconsciously though because of course you draw what you know and who you know. Sometimes it's actors you like or teachers that made an impression on you. Back then, when someone was really mean to me during childhood, I would imagine that someday in 20 years I'll make a movie or a book and I'd quietly integrate them in my story in form of a villain or a frog or something. And then I'd laugh in triumph. Of course now I'm an adult, I've outgrown those childish thoughts and I definitely know that "Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental". Anyway. Here is another page with two mean unicorns who like to mock Izzy! 💜 Hehehehehehe...

    I wonder how many more we will get?