• New DELETED SCENE From My Little Pony: A New Generation Released - Storm Heist

    Apparently these G5 staffers aren't done bombarding us with stuff yet! A new scene has been revealed from My Little Pony: A New Generation, starring pegaus at a weather factory. Apparently early cuts of the movie did not remove their ability to fly. The quote does a good job of explaining it all:

    Storm Heist: a deleted scene from My Little Pony: A New Generation that I storyboarded.

    In fact this is not just a deleted scene but a scene from a completely different version of the movie. In this version Sunny, Izzy, Zipp and Hitch need to get the three magic stones to restore friendship. But the stones seem to be losing their magic, right after one last power surge that already caused havoc in Maretime Bay and Bridlewood. After making it to the pegasi city Zephyr Heights, the group plans an elaborate heist to steal the magic stone during a concert of Princess Pipp. There’s only one problem, the stone is part of the stage...

    This sequence was a lot of fun to do, even though I had to finish it in a bit of a rush to make the deadline for the first screening. While I was working on it, it was already clear that this wasn’t going to be in the final movie but I still got to complete it and it was a blast to see it come to live.

    Head on down below to check it out!

    Thanks to Pip_petal for the heads up!