• MLP Tribute Album: Hörsefaüker - Learn Friendship or Die! [Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal]

    Old-school Metal fans, gather for one unexpected new delectable album made in tribute to MLP! Headbang to the tasty riffs, bear witness to the amazing vocals and tasteful inspirations all around, and let the lyrics give you a good laugh! This epic album is available on Bandcamp and in full on YouTube embedded after the break!

    Description from the musician:

    "A thrash metal tribute album to MLP.  Took several months to make, mostly riff driven music with over the top lyrics inspired by the show. A man's natural defense mechanism to liking a cartoon TV show for little girls is obviously creating fanwork with explicit and vulgar contents. This album might be a little late to the game, but I'm happy with the result. Enjoy."

    (grimdark/explicit/suggestive/language warnings)

    Dling! Silver trophy earned: All Warnings