• Love Is In Bloom Dark Remix: Koron Korak - Love Was In Bloom [DarkSynth]

    One of the all-new DarkSynth surprises in Koron's heartfelt album Neverending Scars, Love Was In Bloom is just what you'd expect from a dark take on the happy love song from the show, and from the musician's proficiency at DarkSynth. Very epic melodies early on are confirming the presence of our own Carpenter Brut in the community, and the mad organ performance is reflecting the personal messages imbued in the song by the musician, in continuation of the story of the album. More details in the description on YouTube! A broken heart is very difficult to move on from indeed, and I almost lost my life from it myself, but as they say "time heals everything" and I'm glad to be still alive now. And I'm glad Koron is, too! To everypony facing a similar situation: stay strong, survive, it's gonna be worth it!

    (slight dark thumbnail warning)