• Hearth's Warming Massive Vocal Covers From The Community! Rock Cover!

    I'm a bit late posting this now, but better late than never right! Hearth's Warming is such a wonderful time of the year in some parts of the community as well, with bronies and pegasisters gathering to spread the cheer, by way of massive collabs!! Banquo0 covered Do They Know It's Christmas with 10 friends singing and their pony OCs are appearing in the video! And Violight covered One More Day from the special MLP episode Best Gift Ever, with the help of no less than 23 friends singing!! I so love these tokens of unity, and shared feelings! I long to find something like this too!

    Also the eponymous song from the official MLP album It's a Pony Kind of Christmas got a rocking cover from To Smile (previously known as Rinnie), and you'll get to savor those delightful and lovely guitar riffs!

    Find it all below the break!

    banquo0 & Friends - Do They Know It's Christmas (Vocal Cover)

    Violight - One More Day (Vocal Cover) (feat. 23 Friends)

    To Smile! - It's a Pony Kind of Christmas (Covering Daniel Ingram)