• Hearth's Warming EP: Skyshard - Hearth's Warming Stories Vol 2 ~ Skyshard in the Multigenre of Madness (Special Pony Edition) [Multi-Genre]

    Skyshard went all-out with this Hearth's Warming EP, even making funny skits enacted by the mane 6 (thanks to powerful pony voice generator 15.ai), as intros to each of the tracks!! The scenes are just so lovely (and occasionally breaking the 4th wall too) and the tracks are doing wonders to depict paintings of Equestria in musical form. The melodies sound so cute, and the progressions are thoughtful! There are many genres represented here, even Synthwave (the only genre Applejack is listening to, in the headcanon of this album!), and it's a testimony of Skyshard's skill and passion once again!

    Download the EP from Bandcamp here, and find the video of the full EP embedded below the break!