• Hasbro's New Lead Comes From Within - Chris Cocks of Wizards and D&D Named CEO

    We have some fringe pony news for you all today coming from Hasbro's twitter account. Apparently they've gone with an inside hire for their new CEO replacing Brian Goldner after his tragic passing a few months ago. Chris Cocks will be replacing him, coming from the digital division at Hasbro's gaming side, Wizards of the Coast.

    The actual transition from interim CEO Rich Stodart happens on the 25th of February. Considering his background in Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, and everything else happening over at Wizards, it may or may not have an effect on the pony side. Digital gaming has been a huge deal for both brands over the years. It would be nice to see our cartoon equines get some mildly budgeted content in those sectors rather than the cheap cash-grab mobile games we currently have.