• Equestria Daily is 11 Years Old Today!

    (Sanity draining more and more every year~)


    It happened again! Another year is already over! Why does time go by so quick?

    11 Years ago, I got banned on another site for posting ponies, so I made my own. It may or may not have been entirely designed around the idea of getting more Trixie in the show (which we were very successful at~) but it turned into something else entirely once things got going. A central place to help the average cartoon horse fan digest the mountains of stuff going on across the pony internet! We may have failed at our second goal of a bat pony episode, but at least a ton of you made bat things instead right? Also kirin.

    Many thanks to all of the amazing people that have come and supported us over the years. From the average lurker just mining us for pone news, to the submitters sending everything interesting they find on the internet to our submit box, to the people that donate to the EQD patreon that I only ever plug once a year out of some weird pride thing to keep this place running, it is an honor to serve you all! We may be a little light on things to post with G4 over and G5 still not really in full swing until later in the year, but hopefully we can keep everyone's days brighter anyway with as much poni as we possibly can.

    Speaking poni, I need to get back to scouring the internet for more stuff to share while auto-attacking robots on my second monitor on ancient video games no one plays anymore, so I'll leave you all with dancing bat. Yay bat.