• Dashie & S5 Premiere Amazing Rock Music: BGM - Make Or Break [Hard Rock] / Welcome To The Village [Metal]

    Everypony here who appreciates pony music, you need to listen to this!! BGM outdid themselves with these 2 new releases, making use of new guitar virtual instruments and you will be able to witness its might and the musician's skill in these! The first track Make Or Break is about Dashie and the lyrics makes it such a fitting character song for her (and yup you've guessed it, they're sung by Dashie herself, thanks to using a pony voice generator!) and the song is delivering the kind of Hard Rock I affectionate, and the second one Welcome To The Village is a kind of spooky anthem to Starlight's old village as seen in the S5 premiere! Sung by the ponies too! This is the future of pony music!! Come fangasm with me everypony! BGM sure became one of my top favorite active pony musicians with these!

    BGM - Make Or Break

    BGM - Welcome To The Village