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    Keeping Pony Social Media Clean for Kids!
    By: Raiku

    Last soapbox someone brought up that TikTok had a pretty big My Little Pony community growing, and they are right. I have spent a lot of time over there and Instagram over the past few years seeing both communities flourish. They do a lot of things that bronies back in the old days did, just with a lot less skills so you probably wouldn't see them on brony sites. Very simple animations common, along with lower quality art, but still a LOT OF HEART!  

    Unfortunately one thing I've also seen a lot of is borderline explicit pony stuff not hidden AT ALL from these younger minds. Stuff with obvious sexual connotations that they definitely shouldn't be directly exposed to. I've even seen a lot of edited actual explicit images, where people just make it featureeless back there and say "lol look at the pony butt!" while the pony in question is obviously explicit.  

    I'm not sure if there is some hidden agenda here to get people hooked on pony plot or what, but it really is something the community as a whole needs to enforce. If you see someone posting obvious porn that is just edited or cropped without any kind of warning, please do everyone a favor and report it. 

    Friendship is Magic Miniseries Rainbow Dash
    By Double C

    For this miniseries we will talk about Rainbow Dash.

    The Last Problem showed that she is the new caption of the Wonderbolts which she is proud of it. But the question is how did she earn that rank? We know that Spitfire is the leader and showed no signs of retiring. The only exploration is that she sustains an injury or she came down with an illness like cancer. So either one would have convinced her to retire and knew Rainbow would be her first choice.

    If there was one thing Rainbow and the Wonderbolts would have some worries it would come from the Washouts.  The Washouts enjoy doing stunts that are dangerous that could lead to injury or death but seem not to care. Though Lightning Dust is obvious the leader but that I think Wind Rider could take over due to being more talented than her. I can imagine both the Wonderbolts and Washout would clash over who is better. But the real threat is Wind Rider using the Washouts to seek revenge on his old team and willing to risk lives. If he does that, the others would have to choose to either staying or leaving.

    As mention by Jim Miller it’s up to the fans if she and Applejack are in a relationship. To me they are still just friends. I and along with other fans believe she and Soarin got together so don’t criticize those with their own opinions please. The 2 have many things in common with the exception of Soarin being calmer and reasoning than Rainbow’s hyper and recklessness. If they do show some signs of affection, there is 1 thing they will deal with and that is Spitfire. She would see it as more of a distraction and would bend the rules to keep them apart.

    An interesting thing is Rainbow would get involved with helping Quibble Pants with his new family. Seeing Quibble trying to work things out with his future step daughter is something I would like to see further developed. It would be interesting for him to meets Clear Sky’s ex-husband. Something tells me that he must have been neglecting his family because of being a famous athlete which is normal for some have been known to do. While Wind shows respect for her father but he doesn’t seem to show any towards his own daughter. Rainbow could teach Quibble’s that being a parent isn’t about blood related but by showing love and being there.

    Right next to joining the Wonderbolts, Daring Do is another adventure that fans enjoy Rainbow being in. Daring Doubt opened up potential adventures when Ahuizotl reveal he is among many guardians who protect other artifacts and perhaps more. For once I would have like to have seen Rainbow going on an adventure with just Daring Do. If there was one adventure that she would feel unconformable it would involve a relationship between Daring and Dr. Caballeron. There are many fans who like to pair these which is called Daballeron do of them now on good terms so they may write many books about the adventures they go on. While Rainbow would represent what the fandom would feel uneasy at first but came to accept when she sees how good they are for each other.


    What Would The 300th Episode of FiM Look Like?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So I been thinking about this recently and well I was thinking… What if Friendship is Magic didn’t end with The Last Problem and managed to reach the 300th episode milestone. What would that episode be about?

    Before we go into my ideas on what this episode would look like, lets do a quick recap on the 100th and 200th episodes.

    The 100th episode, Slice of Life, was about the background characters of Ponyville, with the center focus being Cranky and Matilda’s wedding, in the meantime the Mane 6 are dealing with a bugbear.

    The 200th episode, Sparkle’s Seven, was a story created by the voice actresses of the Mane 6 and Spike, the story being a heist to test the new defenses Shining Armor created for Canterlot and the sibling relationship between Twilight, Shining Armor, and Spike.

    And now we come to the 300th episode, if it were to happen that is…

    One idea I have is something I proposed earlier, the idea of the Remane 5 meeting each other for the first time in Ponyville and getting to know each other before Twilight came to join them. It could be about Twilight one day wondering how exactly her five friends met each other and ask about it to them. Then the episode goes back in time to that day and well I would imagine it would be in a wacky and messy way that they got to know each other.

    Another idea I had is what if the FiM and IDW staff did a collaboration and turned one issue into an episode. Maybe not the multiple issue arcs, like The Siege of the Crystal Empire or Reflections, (Even if I would absolutely love to see that!) but a single issue which is noteworthy. I would love to see my most favorite single story, issue #65 of the main FiM comic line be remade into an episode.

    For those of you who don’t know, that issue is about Celestia using an old amulet filled with Changeling magic to disguise herself so she can travel around Equestria for a day without anypony feeling nervous and knowing how they truly feel about her. And she ends up not only learning about others, but about herself too. Celestia is the top princess, having taken care of Equestria for over a thousand years and well being the mentor to Twilight after all, who did succeed her after she and Luna retired. So it would be right to have that kind of episode for her.

    Something else I had in mind was an episode for the Young 6, a big event that changes their lives. Maybe their graduation day from the School of Friendship, where they discuss what they’re going to do next and what’s going to happen when they return back to their homelands. Or maybe even go a little ahead in time and have Sandbar and Yona getting married to each other, with their friends having different ideas on how to do it. It would make for a nice callback to Slice of Life and be similar situations to The Big Mac Question.

    That’s all the ideas I have for now for a potential 300th FiM episode, I might have more in the future! However, what are your ideas on what a 300th episode would look like!?


    What G5 Needs to Get Right!
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So we all know that G5 is a direct sequel to G4, using the same world and most likely the same exact locations, with a cast of brand new characters, and time has passed with no clear idea what happened in between…

    If this sounds familiar, it should, because it’s a very similar situation with the Star Wars sequel trilogy and this is where a big concern arises for G5…

    Stepping away from MLP and to Star Wars, specifically the sequel trilogy, starting with The Force Awakens. It uses the same universe, with new main characters, locations, and time has passed from the movie before in the timeline, namely Return of the Jedi. And The Force Awakens was a good start, a promising beginning to a trilogy, then The Last Jedi came out and everything went south…

    And a big part of that was because it was a different director, who had a different vision and story ideas to tell and as such, things got messed up. The Star Wars sequel trilogy didn’t have a unified direction which resulted in it not being as popular as the other trilogies.

    And the reason why I’m mentioning this is because G5 could make the same mistake, which I really hope it doesn’t…

    MLP: A New Generation was a great and promising start to G5, just like The Force Awakens was for its trilogy, but what Star Wars failed to do, MLP can fix it by keeping the same people who worked on A New Generation movie, continuing to work on the upcoming specials and series. (Honestly don’t remember if that is indeed the case, haven’t really looked at that…) I honestly don’t really care about what happens, just as long as it is consistent and there’s no major deviations throughout G5’s lifespan.

    And I said this a few times before, but I hope G5’s main idea is about Sunny and her new friends going out, uniting Equestria and meanwhile exploring and finding artifacts and ruins from old Equestria, the time of Twilight’s reign and before. And if G5 can do new things, that’s good too, just as long as they keep in line with character personality and don’t break already established lore.

    And well if G5 doesn’t end up doing this… There’s nothing I or any other fan can do, we just have to learn to accept and try to enjoy or move on. Hopefully that’s not the case and those working on G5 will take note from what happened with Star Wars and try to do better!