• Brony Feelings Music: Brilliant Venture Feat. Wrillez Basics - Abandoned City Dreams (NeighGative_'s ReCoded Promise Mix) / (NeighGative_ ReCoded RestPoint Dub) [Trance]

    Released for Hearth's Warming, Brilliant's latest emotional venture into EDM is a fresh spin on the original track "connected to experiences of feeling at peace while attending pony conventions", through his Trance alias NeighGative_! As per his signature, the result is quite emotional, with he fluttering piano in the background during the vocal part, the emotional synth coming in, and the lead melodies in the part after that! There's also some Yoko Shimomura influence there, and the fellow Kingdom Hearts fans might be able to hear it! It's another Promise to experience in musical form... And not only that, but it is also meant as a tribute to Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded!

    Also check out the separate instrumental mix ReCoded RestPoint Dub, holding its share of unique moments and emotions!

    Find both of the tracks embedded below the break!

    Abandoned City Dreams (NeighGative_'s ReCoded Promise Mix)

    Abandoned City Dreams (NeighGative_ ReCoded RestPoint Dub)