• Balloon Party 5 Everfree Park Rangers/Woodland Guide - Submissions Open!!

    No you are not dreaming!! Balloon Party is back with organizing a new album for the tenth anniversary of the first BP album!! Circuitfry, the founder of the project, is hosting the new album Everfree Park Rangers - Woodland Guide that will be a concept album themed around Fluttershy and her "kindness and connection with nature", and that will be released June 4th, the 10th anniversary of BP. Submissions are open now!!

    Excerpt from the concept:

    "The album is going to be a tour of the secrets of the forest. We are encouraging members who wish to participate to create a brand new idea for the forest, a phenomenon or secret that Fluttershy would encounter or share with someone. Your song title, your instrumentation, it should revolve around a place or thing in the Everfree forest that is interesting."

    Detailled info about the upcoming album on this MyLittleRemix thread, and submission form here!