• TONS of Cutie Mark Concepts for G5 Revealed

    Celia Kaspar on Instagram has revealed a bunch of cutie mark concepts they created for the G5 movie. There is an absolute flood of the things, with a huge chart released by her showing off weks worth of cutie mark ideas she sketched out for backgrounders. 


    Her quote:

    More concept art! 🎉 Welcome to one of the weirdest work weeks I had :D For a few days I only sketched cutiemarks for background characters and nothing else... So for days I just walked through life looking at everything and everyone just wondering "Could this be a cutiemark?". In the middle of any conversation - "Hold on! I have to scribble this. It'll be a fabulous cutiemark...."

    Get some closeups below because Instagram is a pain!

    Thanks to Nectar Shine for the heads up!