• Russian G5 Juice Box Marking Calls the New Caste "Mane 6" With Sprout Included

    Originally this was slated for random merch and I popped that poll up this morning for Sprout, but I figured we could split that off since a few people have sent it to the submit box. This is probably just a random instagram marketing person popping a product up without much research, but lets speculate anyway shall we? In their description over on Instagram, they write "Bright packaging with six main and most beloved characters of the "My little Pony" universe: Hitch, Zipp, Pipp, Izzy, Sprout and Sunny.", calling out Sprout as part of the new "main 6".

    Would this be something you all would accept for the upcoming series and specials? Is Sprout a good enough character to join the main cast as a pony we will regularly see in the future?

    The poll is already up on the side bar if you don't feel like typing your opinion out, but feel free to drop some either Sprout love or hate below in the comments!