• Random My Little Pony Merchandise - Japanese Pony Socks, Digital Watch, Puzzles, and More!

    Japan apparently has a whole lineup of official pony socks, including everyone from Trixie and Starlight to Spike and Applejack. They are sold in 12 piece bags, including all of the designs above. Unfortunately it looks like they are sold out at the moment. Maybe successful socks means we will get more socks? You can find them at the website here.

    Anyway, time to random merch! Where we collect all the crazy pone merch that doesn't quite need it's own post. Head on down below to see what's out there!

    G4 #Pony Puzzle

    Found By: Kai
    Design N' Display Set

    Found By: Kai
    Pony Puzzle Sets

    Found At: Bongkoch Found By: Pipp Petals
    2 In One Lanyard

    Found By: sbs9834c

    Found At: Bigw Found By: Fenix
    My Little Pony Bangle Ring Set - Pink

    Found At: Bigw Found By: Fenix
    Sticker Packs

    Found At: Wildberries Found By: Micheal
    Hair Clips

    Found At: Bigw Found By: Fenix
    Gift Bags

    Found By: Pozis
    Party Gift Bags

    Found At: CVS Found By: Allenix
    Activity Tube

    Found At: CVS Found By: Allenix
    Chocolate Advent Calendar

    Found At: Lidli Found By: Shooting Tornado
    Silly Knockoff: My Horse Little

    Because knockoffs are magic or something.
    Found By: Nectar Shine
    Digital Watch

    Found At: Jet Device Found By: Micheal