• New My Little Karaoke Update Adds G5 Songs, New Engine, and More

    My Little Karaoke is still releasing updates all these years later, with a new one dropping right now that includes a bunch of things, from G5 songs, a better client, to leaderboards and more.

    Get information on the update below, or just dive in by grabbing it on their website.

    MyLittleKaraoke is back with a major update! The game is getting better with an updated engine, and all songs now directly integrated into the base game. We've also updated the website, so that the forums are back and - most importantly - the online leaderboards are back online too! Check our website's sidebar for a quick recap on how to sign-up and/or configure the game to participate.

    And, yes! G5 songs are included in this update, which a few extra surprises to boot!

    To update the game, simply run the launcher and it will prompt you for a (fairly large) download. You can also run the installer from our website (mylittlekaraoke.com), and it will either update your existing instance, or install the latest version directly if starting from scratch.

    Some small notes: we're aware of a few bugs, and are working on fixing them. Here are some ways to mitigate known issues:
    • If you run into a glitch making the text hard to read during gameplay, try changing the font style to "Outline" in the Options → Lyrics menu. You can also try changing the font itself.
    • Changing themes in the Options menu may lead to a crash. The game should work fine when restarted then.
    • The online leaderboards still have a few missing features, being worked on. You should still be able to submit your best scores, so grab your microphones and go claim the top spots!