• More Pony Music! It's Gonna Be Our Day!

    Eventually, I'm sure of it! We can change the world!
    In the meantime, come savor all the other releases in the pony music scene! Various tributes, covers, inspirations, and heartfelt compositions! And loads of stuff in the omake/bonus section at the end of the post!
    Onwards to more pony!

    1. banquo0 - Vanilla Twilight Sparkle (Owl City Parody) (Instrumental by Stingray Karaoke)

    Vocal - Synthpop

    Such a beautiful tribute to the original ponification, now sung in the perspective of Shining Armor and expressing his feelings toward his beloved sister Twily! Banquo0 wrote such tender lyrics making me melt, check it out!

    2. Matías Peñaloza - Gonna Be My Day (Piano Cover)

    Instrumental - Piano Solo

    So cool that Matías is covering songs from the G5 movie as well! There should be official Piano Collections albums with his covers!

    3. To Smile! - Gonna Be My Day (Acoustic Cover)

    Vocal - Acoustic

    A lovely tribute to the movie's song, by way of Acoustic instruments on top of the original vocal track!

    Also check out his rock cover of Fit Right In that is quite awesome!

    4. Cynifree - Sunspot

    Instrumental - Glitch Hop/Trip Hop

    New delightfully experimental beauty from Cynifree, that is both dark and deep!

    5. Zythiria - Far North (Skyshard Remix)

    Instrumental - Epic Orchestral

    Skyshard remixed the story-centered original track from Zythiria, going from a new epic journey in the Far North!

    6. Sylvver - Psychedelhi

    Instrumental - Big Room House

    When they wrote "Arabia", Sylvver probably meant Saddle Arabia! So check out Sylvver's debut release in the pony music scene! They made several new pony tracks since, and if you've been following my solo posts here on EQD or my latest upload on Cider Party, you already know about them!

    7. MirroredReality - The Night Returns

    Instrumental - Big Room House

    MirroredReality contributed to the Nightmare Night festivities with a cool Big Room track making you party hard for the holiday!

    8. Tw3Lv3 - The Arisen of The Dark Moon

    Instrumental - Dubstep/Bass House

    Even Tw3Lv3 made an offering for Nightmare Night! Check out this beauty!

    9. bank pain & Totalspark - This Too Shall Pass (feat. SDreamExplorerS) [Totalspark VIP]

    Vocal - Liquid Drum & Bass

    A new version of the Celestia-themed original collab of the trio, courtesy of Totalspark!

    10. Gonna Be My Day (Seventh Element Remix)

    Vocal - Drum & Bass

    It's Seventh Element's turn to present us a remix to the opener song from the movie!

    11. EveryDayDashie - Friendship Feud

    Instrumental - Hybrid Orchestral

    An epic and progressive beauty from EveryDayDashie, blending different inspirations such as rock instruments and pirate-y vibes!

    12. Whirlwind - Rainbow Dash Stage Theme (Fighting Is Magic OST) (Drum Cover) (Covering RC88)

    Instrumental - Drums Solo

    The most epic BGM from Fighting is Magic, and my personal top favorite rock song ever made by the community, Rainbow Dash Stage Theme gets a wonderful tribute from Whirlwind on the drums, and it's such a trip through nostalgia, and Dashie's coolness that will never fade!

    13. MirroredReality - Alpenglow

    Instrumental - Psytrance/World Music

    Inspired by the game "A Hat in Time" and making a parallel with Yakyakistan, this new Trance creation from MirroredReality is a journey for sure!

    14. Japkozjad - Cirrus

    Instrumental - Electro

    A lovely concept, and a lovely PIRL animation in the video for this uplifting song from Japkozjad!

    15. Silva Hound - Hooves Up High (feat. Rina-Chan) (GrieferPig Remix)

    Vocal - Progressive House

    GrieferPig's tribute to the community classic!

    16. Skyshard - I Want to Be a Hero

    Instrumental - Epic Orchestral

    This new composition from Skyshard has got a very heartfelt and personal concept, and maybe you will be able to relate to it in some way, like I did! Let's keep being the heroes of our own stories, and be the change we want to see in the world!

    17. Tw3Lv3 - [Vide]

    Instrumental - Drum & Bass

    Vent art, beauty, and love towards Sky Runner all meet each other in this new release by Tw3Lv3! The title means "Empty" in French!

    18. BassPon3 - Unicorn Attack!

    Vocal - Hooves Up

    It's funny how Hitch's line from the movie got played with like this several times already! BassPon3's track is sampling it in this new release!

    19. NorthernBrony - Dragonheart (Aviators Acoustic Cover)

    Vocal - Acoustic

    Tender and passionate vocals in this tribute to Aviator's original song, themed about Spike! Also check out the awesome fan songs The Day Will Last Forever about Daybreaker and Black Rose about Inky Rose from the same musician!

    20. Maestro Harmony - Heart's Warming Tail Waltz / Sunny's Promenade In Maretime Bay / Travel To The Changeling Hive

    Instrumental - Orchestral/Soundtrack

    Maestro Harmony (previously Cat Sonata) released 3 new compositions in the meantime, 2 about G4 and one about G5!

    Check them all out on their Soundcloud here.


    Chiptune Brony - Life As We Know It (Covering Alex S.) (The original track is not pony, but Chiptune Brony says that this cover is also a tribute to FiM)

    Whirlwind - Being Big Is All It Takes (Drum Cover)

    Sonicsuns - Hitchémon Theme Song

    Everyday Dashie - 紅日 Red Sun (Mane 6 Cover)

    Xol The Great - Hitch Hates Corn

    Whirlwind - Raise This Barn (Drum Cover) (In A Barn)

    Skyshard - Twilight is having a break

    ismBoF - Gimme R D (2021 Remaster by Hoontee)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!