• G5 Pony Pez Dispensers on the Way For 2022


    Updated: The original post is from Mylittlepony.de on Instagram! They are running a vote over there until the 15th of December for who you'd like to see between the other 3 up above. Just comment on the post with who you like. 

    Did you know Pez dispenser collecting was still a pretty huge thing? I'm surprised every day at what people like to hoard! Anyway, if you are one of those or just want a pony Pez head thing, we've got a teaser from the PezPalz instagram, showing off both Sunny and Izzy as potential releases for the second half of 2022. It's a long ways away, but at least all you Pez people can dream!

    You can find them on Instagram here. The pez image is in the stories section.