• Discussion: What Would You Do During a Week In Equestria?

    That weird "brony in equestria" fanfiction has apparently just happened to you! Woah! Unfortunately no one is really that amazed at the new alien. Turns out this has happened countless times now and the creatures of Equestria are largely bored of it.

    Fortunately they still want to give you a good time for the week you get to stay. Apparently all the other random human visitors disappeared after a week. Hopefully nothing bad happened to them, but that's for future you to worry about. Today you gets to explore cartoon horseland! You've been given a zeppelin pass to travel anywhere in Equestria for the week. Hotels are comped. It's your time to really explore!

    What is your first destination? The place you absolutely have to see before waking up from this weird dream or whatever it is? What else is on the agenda? You have one week before it's all over so make it count!