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    • Friendship is Magic Miniseries - Twilight
    • Why Sunny is a Genius Empath
    • Why the Flurry Hate? (Also her possible G5 Appearance)
    • What did cause the divide in Equestria: Loss of Weather Control and the Rise of the Sun and Moon
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    Friendship is Magic Miniseries - Twilight
    By Double C

    For this miniseries we will talk about Twilight.

    Besides ruling Equestria, it would be interesting of how she will deal with running the Magical School. The Magic School is different from the School of Friendship but Twilight can handle it with some changes. Spike probably won’t assist her since he has his own task so she may have to find someone else to fill in. The likely candidates are Moon Dancer and Sunset Shimmer. We really don’t know what Moon Dancer does for a living so this would the job for her.

    What season 9 could have shown is what Blueblood would have thought about her as the new ruler. Out of all her family members, we never see how Twilight and Blueblood view each other. I can guess they might have a slight hostility towards each other because of differences on how they were raised by their parents. Despite their differences, they both have somethings that the other doesn’t in case of emergencies. But Twilight may send him to Ponyville until he learns to be nicer.

    Regardless what many of you think, I believe she and Flash got together somewhere along the road. As mention before, Flash would be assign as both head of security in Canterlot and Twilight’s personal guard. There are plenty of opportunities for their relationship to develop from guard serving the princess to becoming good friends to finally becoming a couple to which the show and comics could have done. One interesting story that always makes me laugh is Twilight and Flash dealing with Shining Armor. Seeing fan art and reading fanfiction of Armor being the over protective brother would help build more character for Flash and develop their relationship more.

    If there was ever an ultimate challenge as the new ruler is maintain her relationship with Spike. I fear that the two are going to end up like Celestia and Luna in a bad way. Even though they will work together, Twilight like Celestia will be admired while Spike like Luna will be ignored. Like the sister, Twilight and Spike will get into many fights. But unlike the sister, they will have their friends and love interest to help them ease tensions.

    What could happen to Twilight is exactly what happened to Sci-Twi, becoming Midnight Sparkle. Seeing the new ruler becoming evil would be an interesting story. We all know Sci-Twi became corrupted by Equestrian magic so wouldn’t be surprised that will also happened to Twilight. But Twilight has more experience with magic unless there was at one point she couldn’t control. In my opinion he may had tried to raise and lower both the sun and moon without the device that Sunburst made. It would be much like when Rarity became Nightmare Rarity but with more complicates since Twilight is usually leads. But the real problem is dealing with damage control. Twilight may need her friends, family, and Flash to help her gain their trust much like how she helped Luna. This would put her in the shoes of how Luna, Sunset, and Starlight felt when they were evil and how hard it was for forgiveness.


    Why Sunny is a Genius Empath
    By: indiana

    First I have to define empathy as I understood it. Empathy is the ability of humans and other creatures to put themselves into the mind of another creature and see the world from their perspective. There are 3 types of empathy that go into forming general empathy. Social empathy, cognitive/intellectual empathy and emotional empathy. From the beginning of the movie Sunny displays high levels of cognitive and emotional empathy and below average social empathy. Autists tend to have high emotional empathy, low social empathy and a varying degree of cognitive empathy based on how severe the form of autism is. A psychopath can range between low and high social and cognitive empathy but always has low emotional empathy. A sociopath is a successful psychopath because sociopaths mange to get high cognitive and social empathy while their emotional empathy stays low. In the movie I think that Sunny, Izzy and Zipp count as empaths while Phyllis and Sprout count as a sociopath and a psychopath. I can't count Pipp and Hitch as empaths because they both have average cognitive and emotional empathy while their social empathy is high.
    By the end of the movie we see how all the characters that met Sunny have had their empathy levels raized a considerable amount to the point where Phyllis, Queen Haven and Alphabittle don't count as sociopaths anymore but look more like regular ponies now. The reason for that is because Sunny is a genius empath in my opinion and she managed to raize the empathy of everyone around her with her actions and determination. How can she be a genius empath when she has lower social empathy, you ask? Because that is what genius empaths are good at. A genius empath will reject social norms when those social norms are hurting people and accept social norms when those norms get fixed. Many people in history who changed the world for the better were antisocial most of the time. Both empathy and psychopathy are on a scale and each of us can go furhter to the empathy side or further to the psychopathy side based on what we learn and experience truough our lives and based on our built up personality.

     This is why I think Sunny is a genius empath. If you want to be a better person then be like Sunny and try your best to both make the world a better place and understand people's reasons for their actions and emotions at the same time.


    Why the Flurry Hate? (Also her possible G5 Appearance)
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So I might be wrong when I say this, but… I often see a lot of ill opinions about Flurry Heart, the daughter of Cadance and Shining Armor, whether its meant to be a joke or not, I don’t really know… However most everyone loves to point out her first appearance in the Season 6 premiere, where she pretty much almost doomed the Crystal Empire.

    Now yes, she did do that, destroying the Crystal Heart and bringing about a raging snowstorm, but I think most people seem to forget one very important thing… SHE WAS A NEWBORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had absolutely no control over her actions, her magic, or body, just like any other newly born baby. And how was she to know any better what to do, everything being so new to her.

    And I would like to point out… Celestia and Luna were probably alicorns at birth too. They most likely experienced the same thing Flurry did when they entered the world, just so confused and not knowing what exactly to do to control themselves. Who knows… They might have almost doomed Equestria themselves until someone, most likely Starswirl, were able to keep their magical abilities toned down until the time was right.

    Also, we only saw Flurry as a baby, not even having seen her early filly years when she’s able to speak and walk on her own. The only time we ever see her out of these years is her stained glass window we see in the throne room, from The Last Problem. There she seems to now be the sole ruler of the Crystal Empire and well having done something to make the Crystal Heart shine as shown.

    And that brings me to the other thing I want to talk about… Flurry’s possible return in G5!

    I once said earlier that as Twilight stepped down to be with her friends, Equestria no longer has an alicorn leader to help guide them as tensions rise between them. So Flurry Heart steps in and tries to get everypony back together, only without any help from her family like she once to, can’t and decides to return to the Crystal Empire and keep her home safe.

    There she probably conjures up Sombra’s spell he used to hide away the kingdom from the rest of the world, but for a good reason this time and keeps the Crystal ponies safe and sound, keeping them together no matter what. And this reminds me of a story I saw on fimfiction by milesprower06, where Sunny and her friends journey up north to find the Crystal Empire. And I could see this happening for real in G5 as Sunny goes on more adventures with her friends.

    Sunny and her friends may decide to go up north in search of the lost kingdom, coming upon a snowy landscape much like how Twilight and her friends had their first experience. Once they do find the kingdom, they find their way inside where of course the Crystal ponies are a little frightened by their appearance and the Crystal guards come and bring them before… Well Flurry of course!

    Once there Sunny and her friends explain why they’re here and tell the princess everything she has missed and well once, Sunny most likely, mentions Twilight in one way or another, Flurry clams down and releases them. It is then that Flurry debates whether or not to reopen the kingdom to the rest of the world, but with Sunny and her friends encouraging her and saying there’s no better time, the princess makes the decision. With the Crystal Heart now being reactivated and the spell hiding the kingdom gone, the magic of the heart spreads throughout the world.

    And maybe, just maybe… Sunny and her friends are transformed into the translucent, crystal forms, making them honorary Crystal ponies?

    Now this may be a long shot to actually see, but it would be great and would maybe help bring some much needed Flurry love. So what do you think!?


    What did cause the divide in Equestria: Loss of Weather Control and the Rise of the Sun and Moon
    by ShadowWriter45

    While I still have a few ideas on what didn't cause the world of G5 to get to where it is now, I do have a few ideas on what caused the divide. Overall, I'm chalking it down to some kind of big disaster and/or war that took everything that we all knew and loved. However, I want to break it down systematically since not all of it can be talked about in one soapbox; starting with the weather factories being lost alongside losing control of raising the sun and moon.

    I understand that Celestia and Luna gave Twilight an amulet that would allow for the sun and moon to rise without either one of them. Over time it is possible that Twilight learned to do this herself along with Cadance, Flurry Heart, and any possible alicorns that came after them. But in the event that there would be no more alicorns and unicorns could no longer raise the sun and moon collectively then chances are a new form of scientific magic machine was created for this task alone; something that was watched over by unicorns, pegasai, and maybe earth ponies and other creatures that were still in Equestria before they all "left". The principle of how pegasi had weather factories contributed to making such a device for the sun and moon.

    Given what I've seen in G5 it looks like pegasi do not have any weather factories since losing the ability to fly; I can also assume there are no factories like that on the ground. If some type of war or big disaster happened, then these factories were either destroyed or ceased functioning after flight was lost and anycreature that did not use magic to fly left Equestria. However, if we go by destruction alone then depending on when they were destroyed and what the weather was like and if the sun or moon was up would have caused huge disarray on what the weather was supposed to be; likely resulting in towns and cities getting destroyed alongside all forms of agriculture, normal or magic. After some time passed everything was returned to nature taking over the weather and sun and moon. But that doesn't mean these factories won't be rediscovered again now that flight and magic have returned.