• Pony Concept Album: Koron Korak - Neverending Scars [DarkSynth]

    A full album worth of personal stories, expression of emotions, pony concepts, and all kinds of DarkWave greatness, Neverending Scars is Koron's heartfelt and meaningful masterpiece, featuring no less than 25 tracks! Some are vocal skits telling the story, some will bring you all the tasteful Carpenter Brut vibes, and the tracks you've already heard before were reworked and have even new melodic parts! Koron will be uploading the songs on his YouTube channel (one story skit + one music track every weekend), so check those uploads too for drawings made by the musician and further expressing the story and meanings!

    Listen to the album on Bandcamp here! And find the first song from it embedded below the break!