• Orange Alternate Argyle Concept Appears from Celia Kaspar! Plus More of Other Locations

    We have more concept art releasing from various pony movie artists! Today we start with the orange Argyle idea from Celia Kaspar, matching closer to Sunny's color scheme as per one of their early explorations.

    And with that, more below! Go get em!

    From Celia Kaspar


    Here are some early explorations for Argyle! 🌈 He had colours that were a little closer to Sunny's in the beginning...

    From Rhemrev on Instagram


    I always prefer to work on paper first when designing a new set, this was one of the idea sketches for Bridlewood.
    Artdirection by the amazing Lorenzo Paoli and production designer

    Thanks to Pipp Petals for the heads up.