• New Concept Artist Joins the Instagram Flood! Plus More From the Regulars on My Little Pony: A New Generation

    Today's concept flood brings on a brand new artist who just started posting their movie art! Welcome Edwin Rhemrev to the series. I have a feeling we are going to posting a lot of their instagrammings as we continue dealing with this deluge of horse art.

    Below the break, get closeups of that beautiful image above, plus more from the others we've been posting the last few weeks.

    Pablo Mayer

    Edwin Rhemrev


    I thought I'd finally start sharing some of the setdesign work I did for the film 'My Little Pony: A New Generation, done at @bouldermedia / @hasbro last year!

    I mostly helped design the Pegasus city Sephyr Heights and my favourite set the cosy Unicorn tree village Bridlewood (depcited in this post).

    Lots more pony art to come in the next few days so stay tuned! 🦄🦄✨

    Shoutout to my my fav tree artists @drab_nomad and @riccardopagniart, who had a big hand in the design of this set aswell.

    Artdirection by the amazing Lorenzo Paoli and production designer @p.r.mayer 👏

    Drab Nomad


    Next I did a fountain design for Zephyr Heights for the new My Little Pony feature. The end product looks/is amazing! Go watch it now on Netflix! Stay tuned for more.

    Thanks to Nectar Shine and Pipp Petals for the heads up.