• Name This Pony - Naming Background Ponies From My Little Pony a New Generation - Results!

    Background ponies were some of the most important parts of the G4 fandom, giving us a whole extra layer of content to play around with. We adopted a bunch of them and created complex stories and fanon ideas for their lives, essentially taking over an aspect of the show for ourselves.

    G5 has some very interesting characters lurking around in the background so far, and while we don't have a series with a few instances of each to fuel specific concepts, we do have a few standout designs and scenes to play off of. Over the last few weeks we've posted up a pony every night for you all to assign names to, and these were the most popular names of the bunch! Of course, we aren't the authority on naming backgrounders by any means, but this should give people a template to play off of as we get to know these characters. Assuming some come back to the series and specials.

    Anyway, head on down below for a full list of colorful horses and their proposed names!

    Northern Lights and Soaring Sunset

    Cold Front

    Lahara Blossom (Named by /mlp/ early on)

    Chapeau Cheval

    Wisteria Frost

    Dahlia (Named by Hitch!)

    Trolley Trotter

    Stony Jade


    Mountain Frost

    Jinx Evergreen, Rose Blossom, and Lofty Skies

    Peg and Sis 
    Due to their combined pegasus shadow

    Vinyl Skip, Descendant of Vinyl Scratch

    Bubblegum McGinty

    Jinx (Also listed above with the trio)

    Goody Gumdrops

    Strawberry Surprise

    Spanner Sparks (Named by /mlp/)

    Colbalt Clay and Sandy Beach

    Peach Cobbler

    Amethyst Blaze

    Periwinkle Pi

    Beet Drop - Farmer by Day, Raver Organizer by Night

    Cookie Crumble

    Silver Shoals

    Daisy Grayscale

    Peach Melba

    Kettle Pounder

    Scooter Looper

    Dream Works

    Mulberry Bramble

    Sour Lavender