• MightyJaxx - Kwistal Fwenz Series 1 - Full Review and Showcase!

    MightyJaxx has started a brand new licensed merch line following up on the success of their X-Ray dissectible ponies, with a much more adorable twist this time around. Gone are the exposed bones and organs, instead replacing the concept with ridiculously adorable chibi versions of the mane 6.They are about as polar opposite as you can get from their predecessors.

    I grabbed a box of them for review! How do they hold up against the other collectible figures we've had over the years, or even the dissectible ponies from before? Find out below as I unbox and take a bunch of pictures of all of them, for science!

    Starting off, we've got the overall packaging. I got the full set which I've confirmed contains each of the mane 6, with the chance that one of them will be a rare version, which according to their website is Twilight Sparkle's mold with Celestia's colors and a crown instead of books on her head.  I'm not sure if she is actually labeled Celestia on her included card, or if they still consider her Twilight, but it's something to keep in mind if you do pick up the 6-pack! 

    Each box is identical with Twilight on the front. 

    On the side you will see a diagram of each of the mane ponies, along with the blanked out rare possibility. 

    The boxes themselves contain a stand, a card explaining how the authentication works via QR code on the bottom of each of these, along with an actual character card that names the pony and provides a picture of the figure. 

    Now on to the figures themselves!

    My first pull was Rainbow Dash here. She's rockin a pair of goggles and everything you'd usually expect to see out of her. They even managed to include her full spectrum of colors in both mane and tail keeping to the show accurate location of each, with her red on top and blue on bottom in the case of her mane, and the reverse for her tail.

    The figures are going with the toy rules of one-sided cutie marks. It's something I know a lot of collectors tend to zero-in on. The marks themselves are show style, with the more detailed variant rather than the "toy version" we sometimes see on cheap merch. They look good!

    Second off is Twilight Sparkle who has these adorable books on top of her head. I don't know if it's random between Twilight or the Celestia looking variant, or if you can get both in one box with another pony being replaced, but in my case I just got the regular mane 6. 

    Twilight includes tiny little chibi wings, with the alicorn style rather than the regular pegasus style that Rainbow Dash up above has. It's a  nice touch! If there was one thing they could have slacked off on without anyone really noticing, it's that. 

    Next up was Pinkie Pie who's sporting a party hat for obvious reasons. She has a similar pose to Twilight, with her raised hoof pointing down instead of up.

    The painting for the eyes on all of these figures is really well done. I didn't see any noticeable dings or leaky marks. The stokes are solid and as pointy as you'd expect from those eyelashes they have on the sides. 


    Applejack includes a little bucket of apples that fastens to her stand via the same pins that keep her down. The connection for both pony and bucket are really secure, which I'm happy with since I'm sure I'd inevitably lose a tiny bucket of apples if these guys were ever packed away for a move or something.

    Applejack of course includes her trademark hat, sometimes toy companies forget it for whatever reason. Or in Hasbro's case, they make it pink or light blue.

    Next up was Rarity! Like Applejack, she includes an extra bit that connects to her stand in the form of the sewing needle, thread, and fabric you see in the image. In this case, her hoof actually fastens to the thread via an extra little pin that sticks out, keeping the entire thing secure. 

    Her mane and tail both have show accurate loops, and her eyes get the extra eye shadow similiar to her show persona. All in all she's an excellent chibi representation of her real character, which is basically my take for all of these.

    Finally, Fluttershy was my last figure. She also takes on the sitting pose, with her other hoof raised to differentiate from Twilight and Pinkie up there. She has slightly droopier wings than Rainbow Dash, another nice touch in the customization department.

    She comes with a fully attached butterfly on her head for accessory, matching Pinkie as one of the more simple ponies in the set.

    All in all, if you like chibi figures these are definitely top-notch. I thought I wouldn't like the transparent manes and tails when I first saw them, thinking it was a bit too much of a gimmick, but seeing them in person has definitely changed my mind. They look really good, and the coloration is much better than what you'd usually see in these transparent plastics. 

    If you already have the dissectible figures and are happy with them these are pretty much the same in terms of build quality and weight. They are small figures, but they didn't skip out on materials. They all feel solid and definitely have some weight to them. It's also nice to have just a full set of mane ponies without having to wait years between each release. 

    Hopefully if they see a good amount of success with these, we can get some more out of MightyJaxx. If there was one company I'd trust with delivering the first Kirin or Batpony, it's these guys. There are so many characters that desperately needed some merchandising love, and at this quality level I'd be happy to throw money at them. Preferably a regular figure to start, but after seeing these in person I'd be fine with that too! 

    If you are interesting in them, you can pick up the full box over here for 74.99, or roll the dice on singles on the same page at $12.99 each.