• Major Cineplex In Thailand Offering Pinkie Pie Popcorn Special

    The same cinema that ran a promo for popcorn buckets back during the G5 movie release has apparently hopped on board with another promo, offering this very nice looking Pinkie Pie bundle for a limited time. We've had a lot of main-line merch that doesn't look as good as that!

    For details, hit this website up. The full set includes the Pinkie Pie bucket with ziplock, an 85 oz popcorn bag, and a 144 oz soda. According to the submitter, the promo went up on the 15th of this month, saying it started on the 1st of november, but the free soda expired in October. It's a mystery, so I guess just hope for that Pinkie? Soda is boring anyway.

    Thanks to Spiderbraids for the heads up!