• G4 x G5 Music: brambleshadow4 - In Harmony (feat. SpinScissor) [Indie Pop]

    This is such a shining example of not only a pure fan song, but also a token of the magic of friendship and Harmony, as brambleshadow4 collabed with SpinScissor to make this very lovely tribute!! Working so well as a fan-made extension of the movie, it is simply the headcanon-ed song that Sunny's father would have sang to her in her fillyhood! Now you are able to listen to it in full thanks to these pony musicians, isn't that just amazing?? The vocals making you melt, the lyrics encompassing the spirit of the G5 movie all while making emotional references to G4, the cute and positive instrumental, all just flows so well and you can't help but fall in love with what they've made together!

    "You must always remember, Everypony has a choice they can make, To help this world be a better place"