• Emotional Pony Music Album: TCB - Congrats, You Were Too Late: A 10 Year Retrospective

    New TCB album. Enough said. Come listen to 10 years worth of musical creativity and emotional use of pony vocal samples, all in one video mix on YouTube and available for download on Bandcamp too. The master crafted all these beauties in literally the timespan of 10 years as stated on Twitter, and you can tell he poured all his heart in each of these unique pieces of emotion. The tracks all seem to come from another world, as they delight the soul, and feature progressions and instruments as varied as beautiful. Deep moments of reflection, detailled soundscapes, raw wubs, haunting vocals, and an ascent to higher planes, all can be found in this album if you give it the proper ear.

    Download the album from Bandcamp here, and check out the video of the full album stream on YouTube embedded below the break!