• Concept Critters and More 3D renders of Zephyr Heights released! (Updated)

    The concept art flood is slowing down, but we've got two artists releasing stuff today! Damon Bard and Celia Kaspar both dropped new things. Check them out below!

    From Celia Kaspar

    Some more critters! 💜
    These are some butterflies and fireflies for Bridlewood!
    Imagine these glowing and glittering in the dark while Izzy takes a night walk through the woods ✨

    From Damon Bard

    I did extensive design exploration for the elevator and outside bridge areas to the palace for Zephyr Heights for the new My Little Pony feature. The end product looks/is amazing! Go watch it now on Netflix! Stay tuned for more. 🦆

    Edwin Rhemrev

    Thanks to Pipp Petals and Nectar Shine for sending them!