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    • Luna and Celestia Still Didn't Get Nearly Enough Screentime
    • Are Zephry Heights and Bridlewood just Canterlot and The Everfree Forest?
    • Friendship is Magic Continues as a Miniseries
    • What didn't cause the divide in Equestria: Luster Dawn or any of Twilight's Successors
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    Luna and Celestia Still Didn't Get Nearly Enough Screentime
    By: Horseborg

    I feel like there was a huge missed opportunity with Celestia and Luna. Both were beyond fan favorites, particularly Luna who is every little girl's edgy princess dream. It really feels like we missed out by not having more history and just generation episodes based entirely around the two of them. There is so much to explore in the lives of two 1000+ year old immortals. We still have no idea what even lead to them getting to that point. We don't know their parents, their actual full abilities, or anything else. It's all very briefly touched on but never fully explored.

    Even their retirement could have had a mini-series of it's own. A single episode about them traveling around only felt like a taste of what could have been done with a pair of retired royalty letting their manes down.

    Anyway, I'm just disappointed. We are in a new generation so this stuff will never be explored. Hopefully some day the comics or something else dives into it, but it seems like even that has moved on.


    Are Zephry Heights and Bridlewood just Canterlot and The Everfree Forest?
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So I been thinking about this ever since the movie came out and well every time I rewatch the movie, I can’t stop thinking about this topic! And well I have this feeling that Zephyr Heights and Bridlewood are just Canterlot and the Everfree Forest and here’s why I think this…

    So lets start with Zephyr Heights being Canterlot, just renamed and remade. The first clue to me is at the ending of the song, I’m Looking Out For You”, when Sunny and Izzy are looking upon a tall mountain under the moonlight and well… It awfully looks a lot like the mountain where Canterlot is located and Zephyr Heights is “built” against the side of the mountain, much like how Canterlot was built.

    On a side note… If that is indeed the same mountain where Canterlot was, than is it possible that Sunny and Izzy, by chance, have passed Ponyville? Or I guess the ruins of the town? I could imagine a deleted scene where the two stumble upon what is left of the town and maybe go through it, but I guess maybe that will happen in the show…

    Anyway, getting sidetracked here!

    As we actually explore Zephyr Heights, to me at least, the city seems to have a similar layout to Canterlot, only now the city has more modern architecture and modified to fit the pegasus ponies more. Also… when Zipp is showing Sunny and Izzy the abandoned hot air ballon station, there’s an old Wonderbolts poster. And well in G4, the Wonderbolts did seem to go to Canterlot quite often, so it makes sense why there’s a poster of the flyers there, if Zephyr Heights is indeed Canterlot.

    Moving on to Bridlewood being the Everfree Forest, again just renamed and well unlike Zephyr Heights, I don’t have too much to say for sure that the two places here are the same, it’s just a feeling I have. Now one might be wondering… If Bridlewood is just the Everfree Forest, than where are all the creatures? Well I’m going to assume they disappeared… To put it lightly, when the magic disappeared as well, most of the creatures in the Everfree Forest seemed to be more magical than normal animals, so it make sense why they’re gone. Only now that magic is back… Will the magical creatures also come back, if indeed Bridlewood is the Everfree Forest?

    However for now, this is just a very slim theory and it might not even be true that it’s the same places we are familiar with from G4. I’m sure we’ll find out more when the specials and show comes out. If than, maybe our new Mane 5 will find the old ruins of Canterlot that remain untouched by the rebuilding process, much like the balloon station Zipp showed. And the new Mane 5 may have to deal with the return of the magical creatures in Bridlewood, figuring out a way to protect the unicorns living there, or try to reach a deal between the creatures and unicorns so they could live peacefully together, much like how the Earth ponies of Appleloosa made peace with the neighboring buffalo.

    That’s it for me, what do you all think about Zephyr Heights being Canterlot and Bridlewood being the Everfree Forest?

    Friendship is Magic Continues as a Miniseries
    By Double C

    Even with the new Gen 5, it’s still sad that Gen 4 ended especially that The Last Problem left use with more questions than answers. In many of the commentaries, Not-Yet-A-Brony has mention many times of if IDW will continue Friendship is Magic as a miniseries and my response is its good idea. Since the Mane 5 will most likely restore the magic of friendship they will need advice from the past. I can imagine the Mane 6, the Young 6, the CMC, Starlight, and Spike have left behind journals of what happen between defeating the knights to Luster Dawn moving to Ponyville. Even though they accomplish their dreams but that doesn’t mean they went through many struggles and issues along the way.

    I also think Hasbro is not yet done making Gen 4 toys that can go with the new Gen 5. It would be fun if they would add in their MLP Blind Bag a mix of both Gen 4 and 5. There are many characters from Gen 4 that have yet to appear. The ones I like to add in my collection are Gabby, Ember, Thorax, the Pillars of Equestria, the Young 6, Rumble, Pipsqueak, Marble Pie, Limestone Pie, and all of the Mane 6’s parents.

    They may talk about other issues that both the show and comics didn’t want to show due to fear of backlash. I get the idea of them doing it wrong but everyone has to face them otherwise we will not move on and make a better life for ourselves and those around use. Each story would take place years apart since some characters are either babies or preteens. This way we will see our entire favorite characters both main, secondary, supported, and others grow up. We could also see many other characters that have appeared only once yet have shown by fans to have potentials in helping.

    Each of our favorite main and supported characters had their own problems that helped shape them into what they are now. Which could also help the Mane 5 and others shape their path. As much as I would like to write about each one now but I decided to write about them in future soapboxes. This is because it’s limited to 500 world plus 100. I would be fine if a miniseries will it happen either on stream or comics so long as it has good writers. I would also be find if they chose to have new voice performers since many including Tara Strong won’t reprise their iconic characters.

    What didn't cause the divide in Equestria: Luster Dawn or any of Twilight's Successors
    by ShadowWriter45

    Say what you want about MLP: A New Generation, I personally am drawn into it because I really want to know what caused the downfall of the world that we knew of. Aside from just time itself since it's implied a lot of time passed, I do believe that there was a specific reason. While it would be fun to decide what caused it, I think it's better to start with what didn't cause the fall. The first non cause being Luster Dawn, or any other successor(s) Twilight might have had in the wings.

    Assuming she or somepony else took the reins after Twilight stepped down, I do not believe that anything she did or did not do caused the fall to occur. For starters, I do believe that there were "safeguards" made so that Equestria's prominence would still last long enough before the setting of G5 occurred; the movie itself implied the crystals were a safeguard. Assuming Luster made more friends outside of pony kind then they probably made it so unity among kingdoms lasted longer. Also,even if Luster Dawn was Twilight's protegee, we don't know if she ruled Equestria afterwards; she easily could have been a friendship ambassador or another royal advisor. Unless we know for sure that she succeeded Twilight as ruler, we can't really assume that it's her fault.

    Overall, I'm not ready to believe the fall happened immediately after Twilight stepped down, or even died. What we saw in G5 had to have happened many years in the future; I would go in between at least a 200 to 500 years at best.