• New Update for the My Little Pony Game Adds "The Change Six"

    A New update is rolling out for the My Little Pony game on android and iOS that introduces the mane 6 as changelings. The event is on for a limited time, and includes the usual collectible ponies and objects you've come to expect out of the app.

    They also have a Rainbow Dash wonderbolt event going on exploring the past, present, and future of the orginaztion. Full "What's New" notes can be found below!

    Patch 7.2.0

    Everypony, we have two new adventures ahead! Enjoy them while helping your favorite characters!

    • MEET THE "CHANGE SIX"! Are Twilight Sparkle and her friends actually Changelings? A bunch of Changeling kids sure seem to think so! Find out what's going on in a new limited-time event!

    • MEET YOUR HEROES! What will Rainbow Dash's legacy be…? Wonderbolts past, present and future help her figure it out, in a new limited-time event!