• New Mane 6 Concept Intro Revealed for My Little Pony: A New Generation!

    I wonder how much Friendship is Magic cut content is out there on people's hard drives just wasting away, never seen outside of the studio. It's so nice to see Netflix letting these guys cut loose with all the cool stuff they came up with in the making of A New Generation. I'm endlessly impressed!

    Today, we have another piece of cut content, or alternate content in this case. A different kind of mane 6 intro for the movie.

    Head on down below for it!

    From Alvaro Ramirez on Instagram:

    The Mane Six!! This was a proposal, where the film would start with a narrator and the Mane Six breaking through a window and flying in the form of a rainbow. It wouldn’t have worked for the story, but I thought it would be a treat for the pony fans to see their classic cast in CGI for the first time, before getting into the actual film.