• MOUNTAINS of My Little Pony: A New Generation Concept Art From More Crystals and Trees To Locations and More!

    I can't believe how fast we can fall behind with just half a day or outage, but here we are with another gigantic flood of concept sketches covering a host of things, including The Everfree Forest that Bridlewood was originally supposed to be, an alternate storyline where Alphabittle is a wise old sage, the original story where Bridlewood was actually the Everfree Forest, and some amazing shots of just overall interiors and exterious of various places.

    Go check it all out below!

    Bridlewood Locations from Fabia Sans

    Alvaro Ramirez Everfree 


    The story changed a lot. It was Everfree for a while as well. For us working in production (at least when I was there) it was Unicorn Town for the most part

    Critters from Celia


    Some little critters I designed for Maretime Bay 🐹 I think that was one of my favourite tasks! Can you spot the one that made it into the movie?

    Pablo R. Mayer


    Izzy’s cabin and Sunny’s bedroom snapshots. Looking for mood and set dressing here



    Some paintings for the lighting of the tea room sequence. We looked a lot at Marvelous Mrs. Maisel for reference for mood and atmosphere, especially at the club/bar moments. This is one of my favorite visual moments of the movie. The lighting team did an amazing job in the final picture

    Cave Crystals From Drab Nomad


    Cave Crystals!! Cave sequence that was dropped from the film where we were to originally meet blind Alphabittle ..early vis-dev I did for the new My Little Pony feature. The end product looks/is amazing! Go watch it now on Netflix! Stay tuned for more.

    Alternate Alphabittle storyboard where he is a blind sage


    This little sequence is quite different from the final version.

    Here, Alphabittle was the blind sage of the Unicorns, living in a cave on the outskirts of Bridlewood. After their failed attempt to unite the crystals, Sunny and Hitch leave and the others seek shelter at Alpha's cave.

    Check the entire storyboard out here!

    Thanks to Sweet Notes, Lemonade, and Ryan for the heads up!