• Interesting Idea Where Sunny Thinks She Made Earth Ponies Lose Magic and Electricity - More Behind the Scenes!

    Another behind-the-scenes pony thing has been released by Joscha van Dejk over on Instagram. He describes a pitched idea (Note: not delted scene) where Sunny believes that she made the earth ponies lose magic and elecriticity at some point. She also has a pet. Here is the exact:

    One more (super rough!) beat boards from My Little Pony: A New Generation. This isn’t even a deleted scene, this is what it looks like when we, the story artists, pitch ideas. Here I was playing around with an idea where Sunny believed she had caused the earth ponies to lose their magic (and electricity). when she realizes that the unicorns have a magic stone too, she heads out to bring the unicorn stone to Maretime Bay… the crooked photo is in the movie but I believe somebody else came up with that idea.

    You can find images of it below!