• Early Pipp Petals and Annother Zipp Revealed!

    Celia Kaspar has released another new shot of Pipp Petals and Zipp Storm in early form. We've seen one of Zipp's early shots, but this one adds a splash of teal throughout her body. This is a completely new Pipp Petals, with golden wings. Definitely looking good! Her quote:

    I found some more early explorations for the pegasus sisters ✨ These ones were some colour explorations for them.

    And get more concept art below from other artists!

    Gates of Zephyr Heights from Studio Carria

    Color Keys and Mood Paintings from Alvaro

    Happy Friday! Here's the last batch of color keys and mood paintings from My Little Pony: A New Generation. I'm particulary happy with the sequence at the bottom. It came back from layout and my task, aside of the colour stuff, was to push the composition as far as possible to get a more "horror film" feeling.

    Thanks to Sweet Notes nad Pipp Petals for sending it!