• Another Flood of Concept Art - Crystals, Zephyr Heights, Color Keys, and More

    It never ends. We have another concept art flood. Check it all out below with quotes from each of the creators for abit of context!

    Hangar Concepts from PR Mayer

    More early concepts/sketches. This time for the Hangar (the second option is closer to what we ended up with in the movie), Hitch and the bunnies and the palace (the small little window on the side is the jail cell

    Crystals From Damon Bard


    Crystals!! ..early vis-dev I did for the new My Little Pony feature. We were honing in on more traditional crystal shapes while also trying out triangle shapes too. We also tried to have shapes that would possibly animate inside of the crystals for extra effect but it may have been too complex.. like floating crystals would have been. The end product looks/is amazing! Go watch it now on Netflix! Stay tuned for more.

    Zephyr Heights from Alvaro


    One of the wide shots I got to make to showcase Zephyr Heights. This one was so much fun to paint, I really enjoyed the relationship between the clouds and the buildings :)

    Color Keys from Flori

    Thanks to Sweet Notes for the heads up!