• The Girls Scouts Have Joined the Pony Hype Train With a Patch and Coloring Sheet Printouts

    Apparently the world of pony is reaching as far as it possible can this time around. G4 in comparison got almost none of this level of marketing. Hopefully that makes some pretty big waves and keeps this train going!

    Joining the tsunami of brands, organizations, and other things celebrating new cartoon equines is the Girls Scouts, with a new patch released over on their website.The first 10,000 are free with the code MTLITTLEPONY at checkout, and it goes up to $1.50 after that. If you have a daughter in the Girl Scouts you better get on it quick!

    They also have their own promo video and a bunch of downloadable coloring pages with various Girl Scouts signage along with it. Find those over here!

    Thanks to Rachel for the heads up!