• Possible New Trailer Floating Around From a Youtube Ad (Update - It's 6 seconds Long and Now Below!)

    We've had a few people email us today saying there is a new trailer floating around that is triggered via a Youtube ad. Unfortunately that sort of thing can be difficult to pinpoint due to the way ads over there are targeted. It could be a very specific set of people who are activated to see it.

    This new picture is floating around. It could be from the trailer, or it could just be something else entirely. We are currently looking for it, so if you browse Youtube, be sure to keep an eye out! For now, Izzy is looking pretty good in whatever that is.

    (Update: Trailer has been found. It's only 6 seconds, but it does include that cute Izzy up there. Check it out below!)

    Thanks to PalePigeon, Potato Planet, Mark, and everyone else for sending the heads up!