• New "Izzy Comes Home" Book May Reveal an Episode From The New Generation Series!

    A new listing over on Amazon for a book called "Izzy Comes Home" seems to tie directly into an episode in the upcoming G5 animated series that will release some time at the end of 2022 on Netflix. Even the primary description on it cites a direct link:

    Based on the all-new animated series, the My Little Pony friends go on a new adventure in this I Can Read Comic. Featuring a bold new comic style and easy-to-read text , this Level One I Can Read Comic is perfect for everypony!

    Ill pop the actual synopsis down below for the spoilery averse among us!

    My Little Pony: Izzy Comes Home (I Can Read Comics Level 1) Kindle Edition 


    When Izzy tells Sunny stories about growing up in Bridlewood, Sunny suggests visiting Izzy's favorite places in her hometown. Although Izzy loves Bridlewood, the friends ultimately discover that home isn't a place, it 's being with your family. My Little Pony: New Series Izzy Comes Home is a Level One I Can Read Comic, which means it’s perfect for shared reading with young readers new to graphic novel storytelling.

    Thanks to Robery for the heads up