• My Little Pony: A New Generation - Release Day Discussion!

    It is time. After the biggest hiatus we've had since season that crazy one after season 3, we finally have brand new main-series pony to enjoy, albeit in movie form rather than episodic form. We've had countless teasers, screenshots, early releases, and everything else to hype this thing over the past few months. The wait is finally over!

    Once everyone is done processing the movie, we will start up events and other fun things around the new cast of characters. The fanndom has already essentially adopted them across our spectrum of videos, fanfiction, music, art, and everything else. Of course for those worried, Equestria Daily will not be dropping G4 content for G5. I know a bunch have people have asked that around various social media pages, and we will always cover the mane 6 and friends. We were born out of Friendship is Magic and in the (hopefully) far future will die with it. I still love my G4 horses.

    Anyway, it is time! Go watch it on Netflix, or if you are lucky enough to live in a country with a theatrical release, see it there and report back. Obviously avoid the comments if you want to avoid spoilers. It's free reign all morning. Regular posting will start in the afternoon assuming nothing newsy pops up. I'd be pretty happy if we got some news on the series following it!