• Lawson in China Sporting a Pony Re-skin

    The convenience store LAWSON has apparently adopted a pony skin for their Shanghai store, complete with all of the mane cast and a big Celestia statue in the middle surrounded by toys. They've even emblazoned the logo on the ceiling and decked the place out in pony themed food products.

    It opened onm the 17th, so a few days ago if you happen to be in the area. Pony has been absolutely exploding in China over the past few years, with their fandom starting to eclipse even our western one. You've probably seen that with all of the videos we've posted from their community lately. Animators, artists, writers, and more are all getting in on the pony train, specifically G4 but I wouldn't be surprised if they hop to G5 in droves once things get going.

    Anyway, get a google translate and some more pictures of this store below!

    Very bad google translation:
    If there is a convenience store in the Kingdom of Little Mary, what would it look like? Colorful, fantastic and peculiar...Following My Little Pony's Wonderful Book Fair and Peppa Pig's "Five Cents Page, Very Happy" series of activities, friends of all ages who have been immersed in the wave of "Moe Culture" welcome a new one. The sacred place for punching cards. On September 17, the first "My Little Pony Rosen Theme Store" created by Hasbro and Lawson was officially opened in Shanghai. Here, Little Mary’s powerful magic teacher Cosmic Princess, cheerful, active and optimistic Peach Peach, brave and outgoing, prank-like adventurer Rainbow and other consumers familiar with Little Pony characters gather together, consumers can not only buy With a wealth of peripheral products, you can also explore interesting and wonderful scenes.

    Full article here.