• Fanfiction (Scouted): The Implicit Neighs

    [Crossover][Alternate Universe]


    Description: Ravnica. City of guilds. Sprawling ecumenopolis. The lovechild of Ankh-Morpork and Coruscant. If Dominaria is the heart of the Multiverse, then Ravnica is its liver, a place with a thousand purposes, none of them particularly appetizing.

    The plane is already home to humans, goblins, vedalken, elves, merfolk, and more besides. Who's to say ponies weren't there the whole time? The ponies certainly aren't. Versatile as humans, colorful as rainbows, and innocent as any other Ravnican, they've found their way into each and every guild. But even when the guilds would separate them into distinct factions, the magic of friendship connects them. This is the story of those connections and how they encircle Ravnica as much as any magical path across the plane.

    The Implicit Neighs