• Discussion: How Much of the G4 Mane 6 Do You Think We Will See in G5? How Much Do You Want to See?

    Sunny here is a huge fan of G4 apparently, or the "legendary ponies" in her world. According to the trailer, she grows up being told stores about them from her father, and this is about the extent of what we got in terms of oldschool horses making their grand return.

    Of course, ponyland is a magical place filled with characters that are returned 1000 years after being locked away, transformed to stone, or sent to another dimension. For whatever reason that 1000 year mark seems to be the clincher, so lets assume newquestria is 1000 years in the future and it's time for the mane 6 to awaken and help fix everything. Do you want this? Or should they stay something Sunny remembers but they never actually get involved in any real way?

    Discuss below!