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    • Treehouse of Harmony in g5?
    • The State of Equestria In G5
    • Thorax/Pharynx/changelings shoulda had another episode
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    Will Gen 5 have Crossovers?
    By Double C

    If there was anything Friendship is Magic did great in IDWs comics is the crossover stories. The 1st was something fans have always wanted or merely in hypothetical is My Little Pony meets Transformers. New both of these are Hasbro’s top toy lines and for them to finally meet was a dream come true. The other is when Gen 4 meets Gen 1 My Little Pony which shows the difference between the art styles of each character. This was a good way for IDW to pay respect to this franchise. But if A New Generation were to match them in future comics, IDW could make crossovers. While both IDW and use fans have our own ideas, there are 3 I would suggest for the Mane 5 to meet.

    Like the first, the Mane 5 could do this time with Beast War Transformers. What makes this a good idea is because both are similar in one area. Like the events that lead to A New Generation, the Maximals and Predacons came to be when Cybertron became uninhabitable without the Allspark. A team up with both the Mane 5 and Maximals would be an interesting story since both of their goal is to bring back left to their own worlds. While its unknown if Gen 5 will have any series villains but a team up with the Predacons would be a challenge.

    While they are in the same time line, there could be a possible of the Mane 5 meeting the Mane 6. Even though it will be considered time travel then dimension travel, it will be interesting what each side will react to the other. While Sunny will go crazy to see her idol Twilight but Twilight would worry knowing that what she and her friends have done got shrouded by paranoia. But it would be interesting what the Mane 6 would think about the new elements especially how kindness is in both groups. I feel that only Fluttershy and Hitch can answer that question if either or both the show and comics will make it.

    This one was something I made in a previews soapbox and like to mention again of a crossover with the Dark Crystal. To let you all know I’m still upset that Age of Resistance was canceled for I was looking forward to it especially on who was going to voice SkekUng. I feel that the Dark Crystal would fit perfectly in Gen 5 then in Gen 4. Because the Skeksis had corrupted the Crystal of Truth for their own desire which resulted the land of Thra to be a waste land by the Darkening. So what if this was the cause of why magic and friendship disappeared in Equestria by either the Skeksis or someone else. The Mane 5 would have a true nightmare if they face true evil and madness in order to save Equestria.

    What other crossovers would you like for either or both the show and comics to do in the foreseeable future?


    Treehouse of Harmony in g5?
    By: ManaMinori

    Does the tree of harmony still exist with the timeline of g5? I am not sure, but the tree itself said to the school 6 in G4’s “Uprooted” episode that “whenever you seek solace, come here. Your friendship, and the friendship of future generations will always be safe within these walls” (of the treehouse of harmony) in the Everfree forest- which is now seemingly the renamed location of Bridlewood- in G5’s timeline. This makes me wonder if the tree still very much does exist, and the treehouse still remains in tact.

    Going off of what could be seen in Bridlewood, on the back of box art, coloring book pages, and even the official movie trailer, it would appear that there are a lot of the same pastel purple and blue color pallets in crystals formations, and door embedded trees with similar marking and patterns on them as the treehouse of harmony had in g4, perhaps we can assume that the treehouse has even expanded to house the vast population of unicorns who have moved into the forest and made it their home.

    If this is indeed the case, then would the answers to Sunny Starscout’s problem of reuniting the tribes lie within Bridlewood? Would she be discovering the tree of harmony’s treehouse within the unicorn town in the forest?


    The State of Equestria In G5
    By Storm

    Every race turned against each other, living in their own territory, and lost magic. What happened to it as we last saw Equestria with every creature living in harmony in The Last Problem? That’s what I’m going to try to explain. From what I can gather so far as of this writing which is before the movie comes out, there are some stuff that not a lot of people have pointed it out.

    With all three races turned on each other, you would think there would be Wendigos, right? Well there isn’t, as the land would’ve been covered in snow if that were the case. They were defeated back in The Ending of The End where the Elements of Harmony of old, current, and new, gave its power to Twilight and they were gone for good. The magic of friendship was too much for them to handle. Last time it was just the Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi that made them go away. This time it was all the creatures that came together. That’s why we see the land isn’t covered in snow, but rather warm. Plus, the Wendigos don’t have the power to take magic away as we saw Pegasi were still able to fly, and Unicorns still using magic with their horns in the Hearth’s Warming episode and The Ending of The End. After seeing the new promo, which spoiler alert, the crystals were separated and that’s why magic disappeared.

    Another thing is the fact that Alicorns haven’t been seen. Two things that could’ve happened to Twilight. One, she was mortal and never found a worthy successor to take her place. Two, a threat had occurred and she realized there wasn’t any other options than to sacrifice herself in order to save Equestria from a villain. Causing such devastation that Equestria couldn’t recover from and eventually fell apart. Let me ask you this. Why are there still merchandise of her and her friends still there many years later? I believe that even after she was gone, they still remembered her and still see her as a hero. Otherwise they would’ve hated her and not seen her as a hero. There’s even a stain glass window of her cutie mark in one shot at Zephyr Heights where Sunny is talking to Zipp. This only proves more that Twilight isn’t to blame for what happened to Equestria. Regardless how many years G5 takes place after G4, she is still remembered, and there are those who like her.

    There’s also Flurry Heart to talk about. There are two things that could’ve happened. One, because she is immortal due to her natural birth, when Twilight was gone and Flurry was the Alicorn left, she couldn’t rule both The Crystal Empire and Equestria since they were both far away from each, so she decided to shut the doors in The Crystal Empire. Or she too also passed away. Either way, the Crystal Empire hasn’t been acknowledged so far from what we’ve seen in G5.

    Regardless of what happened to them, there isn’t any Alicorns to rule over Equestria. They need an Alicorn in order for the three tribes to unite. Celestia and Luna were chosen because they both had horns and wings. If one of the three tribes rule the land, the other two would see this as a superior race. It really shows that Alicorns are needed in order for Equestria’s society to continue on peacefully.

    The other creatures done the same thing as well if the tribes are living in their own place. We might not see them in the movie mostly because this is about Sunny and her friends getting all the tribes back together and restore magic. But we could see them in the show.

    Whatever happened to Equestria will be restored. Sunny admires The Mane Six and wants to be friends with Unicorns and Pegasi. One day, she will make Equestria great again just like how it was before. With all the creatures being friends and living in harmony. Something that Twilight would be very proud to see.

    This is Storm here, signing off!


    Thorax/Pharynx/changelings shoulda had another episode
    By: FlareGun45

    So yunno which character I feel coulda gotten more screentime and episodes? Thorax. He pretty much went through the same thing the Pillars and the Student 6 went through: they started off having plenty of appearances and having alota potential for their story arcs, and then they were suddenly pushed aside, turned into minor characters. Even with the small time the series had left, Thorax coulda had more stuff for his arc; not only him, but the changelings as well.

    The last time Chrysalis ever interacted with her changelings was back in the season 6 finale, and Chrysalis story arc only involved having revenge on the Mane 6 and Starlight, but never has she expressed hatred towards her fellow changelings. Maybe Thorax, but not any of the changelings - she never even interacted with Ocellus for that matter! One thing that coulda made Thorax's arc more interesting, is him showing a bit of empathy towards Chrysalis.

    Yes, he did not like Chrysalis or her ways of doing stuff, and of course he believes the hive might be better off without her, but the tables have turned. Thorax started off as an outsider to his people, and now he's the leader, and now Chrysalis has been cast now and is now an outsider. Knowing how sensitive Thorax can be, deep down, he might feel a bit sorry for Chrysalis - she wasn't a good leader, but was there a way to save her? Maybe not, but I highly doubt Thorax hasn't at least considered this. Then we'd have two of his closest friends, Starlight and Spike, who coulda helped him with this problem. The changelings themselves too, including Pharynx. Do ANY of them miss Chrysalis?

    This problem extends to Pharynx as well - he's a character that had only ONE vocal appearance, and then he became a BG character. Whether or not he misses Chrysalis as well, I'm sure he'd try to snap his brother out from his emotions. "Thorax, bro, you're in charge now. You must not show weakness. You must not show empathy. You dethroned her, she does NOT miss you, even when you left, so it's best to do the same!" Even if Pharynx's ideals have improved, a bit of his aggressive personality may still lie within him, and may still come to us to develop himself and Thorax, in extension: their relationship.

    Season 9 was an awesome season, but a couple of those episodes could probably easily be replaced with a final changeling episode. OR if the series were to last till season 10, so season 9 could develop the Student 6 more, this would be a good chance to fit this episode in, with Spike, Starlight, and Ocellus probably offering their strengths to the episode as well. Ocellus has not had her own episode without her group, so this would probably develop her character as well. A bit like Sweet and Smoky was.

    So what do you think? Thorax and Pharynx coulda used more episodes? What kind?